Welcome to my humble abode — my electronic abode, at least.  One thing you can count on finding here is simple: men.  Men, men, glorious men.  They come in all shapes and sizes, colors and temperaments.  Some of them can be incredibly annoying while others of them can be the stuff that dreams are made of. I like writing stories about those that fall into the latter category. And I’ll give you fair warning, I’m a sucker for a happy ending.  While my characters might go through moments of turmoil, anguish, and great challenge, I like it when they rise above all of that and grab that happy ending.  I especially love it when the underdog wins big.

Stranger in a Foreign Land

My twenty-third book was published on July 3, 2018.  Stranger in a Foreign Land is my first contribution to the Dreamspinner Press Dreamspun Desires line. I am incredibly excited about this book and hope you will be as well.

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Book twenty-one has now entered the editing process.  The cover is complete, the blurbs are finalized, let the dreaded editing begin.