Welcome to my humble abode – my electronic abode, at least.  One thing you can count on finding here is simple: men.  Men, men, glorious men.  They come in all shapes and sizes, colors and temperments.  Some of them can be incredibly annoying while others of them can be the stuff that dreams are made of. I like writing stories about those that fall into the latter category.

CoinoftheRealmFS R

My latest novel, published on August 15, 2016, is entitled Coin of the Realm and explores the love that develops in what starts as a purely financial transaction.

This is the story of Timothy Mitchell, a young man who came from a humble (that means poor) background. He’s a graduate student in political science in Washington, DC and he is so close to finishing and earning his degree.  There is just one problem:  money, or more specifically, Timothy’s lack thereof.  In other words, he’s broke and the rent is due. But he will not give up.  This has been his number one goal and it is so close he can practically taste it.

Using his good looks, Timothy tries posing nude for art classes.  That’s a good gig until he has a nasty run-in with a strong-minded, opinionated, vindictive instructor of one class.  He tries stripping, but all he gets out of that is a pair of aching nuts from having so many men grab and squeeze the tender bits. So what’s left for a good-looking young student to do to raise a lot of money? Escorting. With the help of his roommate, some photos and a website, Timothy puts himself out there.

But Timothy’s life will never be the same when he is booked one day by a man who values anonymity and confidentiality above all else.

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