Welcome to my humble abode — my electronic abode, at least.  One thing you can count on finding here is simple: men.  Men, men, glorious men.  They come in all shapes and sizes, colors and temperaments.  Some of them can be incredibly annoying while others of them can be the stuff that dreams are made of. I like writing stories about those that fall into the latter category.

Love in the Line of Fire

My twentieth novel, published on January 23, 2017, is entitled Love in the Line of Fire.  This is the story of two alpha men whose lives slam full force into one another one day out of the blue.

Agent Jonah Pratt heads the Secret Service team guarding the President’s husband. When a routine day turns into a dangerous assassination attempt, the stranger who dives into the melee and takes down the assassin complicates the situation, sparking Jonah’s anger.

Just back from multiple tours of duty in Iraq, Benji hides the fact that he brought the war home with him and that it continues to haunt him. His actions in stopping the would-be assassin are more instinct than strategy. And his first conversation with a furious Jonah doesn’t end well.

Losing a member of his team turns Jonah’s world upside down. And if Benji seems to know exactly what Jonah is experiencing, it’s because he went through the same thing in combat. Jonah’s work consumes him, leaving little room in his life for anything else, and Benji focuses on his studies, working to keep his nightmares at bay. But when they get together, Jonah and Benji recognize a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for love and happiness—one worth fighting for.

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Book twenty-one has now entered the editing process.  The cover is complete, the blurbs are finalized, let the dreaded editing begin.