Seeing My Photos on Covers

It is always so rewarding to see one of my photographs used on the cover of a novel.  I got a thrill recently when a photo of one of my […]

Love in the Line of Fire was published more than a month ago and it is still on the Dreamspinner Press bestseller list.  I have been overwhelmed with how strong […]

Sir Roger Casement was born in September 1, 1864 in Dublin, Ireland.  He went to Africa in 1884 where he first worked for commercial interests before joining the British Colonial […]

I recently finished reading the book Drawn In by Barbara Elsborg.  This was the first book by this author that I had read and I have to say I want […]

In 1954, estimating that there are more than 6,000 homosexuals in Miami, local police began a concerted campaign against gay men in which hundreds were arrested on beaches and in […]

In 1593, Christopher Marlowe’s tragedy Edward II is probably the first play written in English to portray a male couple’s love relationship sympathetically.

Antinous, Beloved of Hadrian

History tells us that the Roman Emperor Hadrian was enamored of the young man, Antinous, who became his beloved and his constant companion.  The fondness of Hadrian for Antinous was […]

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 4 of my book entitled Evac (which is short for medical evacuation): “Good morning,” the stranger cheerily greeted Benji the next morning when […]

Brian does it again! He’s made it through to the America’s Got Talent finals. Yet again, last night he did an outstanding job.  His performance was high octane, full of […]

Every Four Year Eye Candy

Every four years the Olympics gives us a hefty dose of beautiful male eye candy.  The newest one for me this year is Gabriele Detti, an Italian Olympian.  He’s a […]


Even walking down the stairs, he was struck with inspiration and knew immediately how to pose and how to play to the camera.


Isn’t he just the most adorable man you’ve ever seen? It was a struggle to photograph Faisal because no matter how he moved or posed, he looked wonderful and I […]

Outdoor Photoshoot

Last weekend I had the most wonderful opportunity to photograph a group of guys as we wandered around the waterfront in Georgetown. It was roasting hot and I got sunburned. […]

A More Perfect Union

Publication of the anthology A More Perfect Union, is just a week away now.  Timed to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in […]

This one is a couple of years old, but these photos are timeless. B.G. Thomas and Damon Suede, New York City, 2012.

The President's Husband

When an assassin’s bullet strikes his predecessor, Grayson Alexander becomes the first openly gay President of the United States and his husband, David Hammond, becomes the first openly gay First […]

Latest Model

I worked with a great new model on Saturday. Here’s just one tantalizing photo from our time together.


About a year after first working together, Zee and I were able to get together last week for another photo shoot. He is looking quite good.


  Isn’t he lovely? This is the cover model for Mano’s Story, my latest romance novel. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out.

Review of After School Activities

Blurb: Two guys insist on complicating Dylan O’Connor’s life: one, his bully, and the other, his best friend. It started out simple enough. Step one, outsmart Adam with wit and […]

Rainy Day Pick Me Up

I needed something to brighten my day – Trevor certainly does the job for me. Working with him was great and I hope we get to do so again sometime […]

Next month I have two new books coming out from two different publishers.  Through no planning, just by chance, they are releasing one day apart.  As I prepare to do […]

My Brother – The pain you must have been in, the ghosts that must have haunted you, the demons that must have chased you.  I’ll never know what you went […]

Lovely Stage Decoration

While there were more drag queens on stage than I have seen in a very long time, there were occasional distractions of a different sort, including this lovely youngster.  There […]

Just discovered Stephen Del Mar this weekend when I listened to The Three of Us.  Great story, well plotted, well written, with wonderful characters.  I hope he’s done others.


A little warm-up chat between two attractive (and presumably straight) wrestlers. I love the expression on the face of the guy on the right.

Meet Liam

Liam and I first worked together about 18 months ago. In the interim he’s dramatically reinvented himself and has developed a great body that he loves to show off. It […]

Meet Rafa

He’s half Costa Rica and half American and 100% bright, playful, adorably cute, and great fun to work with.

Mano’s Story presents the story of a character we met in passing in Little Squirrels Can Climb Tall Trees. Some people loved him, some people hated him. But mostly what […]

Photo Shoot with Zach

I always love working with actors because they have the most incredible ability to portray different characters and to project different emotions.  They can assume different roles and give you […]

I’ve always been interested in history, and gay history in particular.  While I was growing up, there was simply nothing available.  At my local library, the only thing I could […]

My latest book, Caught, a young adult coming of age story, was published yesterday by Harmony Ink Press. This is one of those stories that started with a single one […]


Look what the mailman brought yesterday afternoon! It is such a great feeling when your author copies of a book arrive. To pick up a printed book and flip through […]

After working on it for longer than I have ever worked on a book before, this afternoon I finally finished a first draft of my first ever historical novel.  Research […]

Dreamspinner Press is holding a Thanksgiving sale from November 24th through 30th with 25% off the whole store.  If you’ve been waiting to buy a particular book (of mine? please?) […]


During our photo shoot on Wednesday, Harry and I played around with the theme of bondage and discipline. In this photo he is reverentially holding up the flogger for his […]


Had a great photo shoot with Harry yesterday afternoon. We had two hours of playing with poses and lighting and got some good shots. As usually happens, when we wander […]

Usually I avoid reviews of my books like the plague. The reason is simple:  when my first book was published three years ago, I was anxious to see how much […]


It gives me tremendous pleasure to announce the upcoming release of my next book.  Caught, written under my pen name Robbie Michaels, is a young adult, coming of age novel […]

Trevor and Grayson

After some time working with Trevor, we paired him with tall and willowy Grayson. As hard as it is to believe, Grayson is older than Trevor. Since the two models […]

Trevor 2

Trevor was so freaking good. Whenever he got bored during the shoot, I’d look up and he’d be do something that seemed physically impossible. He found footholds in places where […]