April 2012

Once again, all too soon another weekend is nearly over.  Yesterday was a dismal, gray day with cold temperatures and finally heavy rains in the evening.  The look outside sort […]

I love Wednesday.  Every Wednesday I telecommute from home so I get to sleep in a little bit later than my usual 6:30 am.  I also get to have a […]

This weekend I have so much to do.  I’ve been proofreading a massive book – I cannot recall another one that has been quite so long (this book is 370 […]

So, the last 12 hours have been a WordPress nightmare for me.  Late last night when I was trying to find a way to have my WordPress site show up […]

Well, it has taken me dozens of hours but I am finally making some headway at getting my WordPress site re-established on a new  host.  This has been a torturous […]

Hey!  What do you know! It worked! Took a little digging around to figure out what wasn’t working, but IT WORKS NOW!

This is a test to see if I can get a blog post to show up on this page.

Yesterday was another productive day in terms of writing.  When I finally left my computer last night I was over the 25,000 word mark.  I was starting to slow down […]

Yesterday was an amazingly productive day for me.  In fact, I cannot recall another day recently in which I have accomplished as much as I did yesterday.  I worked my […]

This morning I had to sit through the longest, most boring meeting imaginable.  There were eight people in the room and we had just three agenda items – three simple […]

Since today has been a slow day I’ve been able to use some time to make a few updates to this site.  I’ve managed to edit some of the photo […]

I hate going to see the doctor for one simple reason:  they have zero respect for their patients’ time.  They make an appointment, you get there on time or a […]

Hot damn!  I figured out how to set up a Blogroll and even better how to make it show just my things – not the stuff WordPress thinks I should […]

In the beginning I was a bit intimidated by WordPress, but through trial and error I’m learning quite a bit more about how it works.  Until I have more book […]

So if I’ve done this right, there should/could be a new banner on my front page now.  I found a panoramic picture of the beautiful island of Santorini, cropped it […]

This weekend I have something highly unusual of late:  my entire weekend is wide open.  My spouse is out of town at a scientific conference.  After I dropped him off […]