May 2012

Why is it that the weekends always seem to fly by at the speed of light?  And holiday weekends seem to go even faster.  To make a longer weekend, I […]

More Sunday Photos

Memorial Day Weekend always features Rolling Thunder.  The local news reported that the 2012 event was the 25th anniversary ride and featured 400,000 riders. There were a lot of military […]

Sunday in My Little Town

It turned out to be beastly hot here in town this weekend.  Today I went downtown to try to do three things.  The heat zapped me after two and the […]

When I checked the mail this afternoon I found my royalty advance check for the young adult trilogy that was just contracted earlier this week.  But when I opened the […]

This has been one hellish work week.  I have had more unexpected crap thrown at me this week than usual and it has kept me busy pretty much constantly.  But […]

The last 24 hours have involved a lot of content creation.  My previous website is just about to be shut down (it costs too much to maintain and it just […]

The contract for the young adult trilogy came in today.  After reading it over I signed it and returned it so that I could get back to proofreading the final […]

Man of the Day (May 12, 2012)

I took this picture on St. Kitts (if I remember correctly – it was one of the St.’s).  He just sort of cried out to be photographed.

Yessss!!!!!! Last evening I received an e-mail from my publisher.  A three book package that I had sent to them quite some time ago has now been reviewed.  It seems […]

As a social scientist, I feel that it is my duty to do some data collection, to gather some data to verify or refute his claims. Strictly as an effort […]

For some time now I’ve noticed something and haven’t known what to make of it.  In my neighborhood it appears that women predominantly run in the morning and men predominantly […]

In fixing one problem I sometimes create another problem.  This is a test to see if that is the case here or not.

I think I fixed it!  I think I fixed it!  I think I might really have fixed it!  Can you tell I’m excited?  I’m excited.  I’ve been struggling with this […]

Well, I thought I had just fixed a pesky problem that has been bugging me in WordPress for weeks.  I had just about given up hope of finding the way […]

Ugg. I’m getting sick. Somehow, somewhere, someone gave me something nasty. My throat started to get sore yesterday. All weekend long I felt like a truck had run me down […]

This is a test to see if I can figure out how to post a photo as my daily blog entry.

Another weekend is over and once again I’m at my least favorite part of the week – the night before I have to return to work on Monday morning.  This […]

May is Masturbation Month

This is a public service announcement.  Did you know that May is National Masturbation Month?  Neither did I, but I consider it my duty as a good citizen to inform […]

It has taken me countless hours of work, but I think I have finally found how to make the buttons on my front page match the color of the banner […]

While WordPress is billed as a very user friendly Content Management System, I am finding it to be rather difficult to navigate.  Maybe if I wanted to just do the […]

I’m so excited!  My publisher, Dreamspinner Press, sent me a form today to start the process of designing the cover art for my first book, due out in just a […]