September 2012

I feel like a man without a cohort.  You’re probably wondering what the hell I mean.  It’s actually quite simple:  whenever I hang out with people my own age I […]

For as long as I can recall I’ve adored the fall of the year.  Predictably, every year mother natures starts to tuck everything away to get it ready for a […]

Today while showing my newest book to someone at work, I looked at the spine of the book for the first time and noticed that there was a glaring error. […]

A Star is Born, the third book in The Most Popular Guy in the School series, is scheduled for release on September 15.  This series has been well received with […]

When my first book was published about six weeks ago it shot to the top of the bestseller lists on numerous sites, including Amazon and the publisher, Dreamspinner Press. But […]

In the United States, the first Monday in September is always Labor Day, a holiday that marks the unofficial end of summer and the return to full, all-out work that […]