January 2013

After several months of doing little if any substantive writing – mid-winter doldrums, lack of any good ideas, way too much editing of earlier writings – I’ve started work with […]

One of my fellow authors, someone whose work I adore, invited me to co-author a book with her.  I was so awed – and then scared – when I thought […]

I was absolutely blown away this week when the 4th quarterly report for 2012 came from Dreamspinner.  My 3rd quarter report (my first with any sales) seemed strong to me.  […]

My final read through Book Fair is now completed.  The Galley Proof looks good.  I had fewer changes to this one than to any other book I’ve done, which felt […]

Book Fair Gets a Publication Date

Yesterday I learned that my latest book, Book Fair, has been assigned a release date of Wednesday, February 13th.  I’ve worked really hard on this story and I hope that […]

I’m blown away by an offer I’ve received today:  one of the biggest names in M/M Romance writing wants to collaborate with me on a YA book! To say that […]

There is something special about the start of a new year.  It really is nothing other than any other day.  You go to bed one night and get up in […]