March 2013

History was made this week on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings when the United States Supreme Court took up the issue of same sex marriage.  On Tuesday the justices heard the […]

Book Fair got a double header this week, scoring a second positive review, this one from GayListBookReview.  I appreciate people reading my book and giving me feedback. It warms my […]

Together with the wonderful staff of Dreamspinner Press I am hard at work on the next book to be released sometime in April or May.  The first round of edits […]

My morning email contained an update on the Italian translation of my first book, Little Squirrels Can Climb Tall Trees: “The translation and edits are done. It’s at the galley […]

  Yesterday afternoon I froze while watching the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in downtown Washington, DC. Some people dove fully into the wearing of the green.

Today marks one full month that my latest novel, Book Fair, has been on the Dreamspinner Press Bestseller’s List.  Their list provides their 25 top best sellers in ranked order.  […]