December 2013

While an author has to put up with some negative comments about their writing, there are occasionally reviews that more than make up for everything else.  GayBookList had such a […]

There are few things as attractive as the leaves of a maple tree of a beautiful autumn day.


I recently had the good fortune to photograph Brandon, a great model.  Brandon was a delight to work with and we got some great pictures as well, even though I […]

Saturday, December 21st, 2013 marks the shortest day of the year. Technically, the winter solstice occurs at 12:11 pm ET (don’t ask me why or how that was determined).  What […]

Walls That Divide

  Isn’t it beautiful?  To publish a book is an amazing experience.  But to publish a book with cover art by none other than Michael Breyette is absolutely freaking awesome.  […]