June 2014

What happened on June 29, 1969 that was so important?  Simple.  It was the start of a gay revolution. Gay men and women had always been a part of society, […]

I know that I’m biased, but I personally think that You Can’t Go Home Again is my best book to date. The stories are tell are stories that resonate with […]

      My friend, J P Barnaby, is celebrating the life of her daughter.  “On March 7, 1992 my daughter Kaitlyn was born with a pulmonary atresia, the same […]

Pride at Pride

I remember when it was quite something for a single cop to come out and be part of the parade. Now it is much more common.  And occasionally it is […]

For the first time ever, the 39th annual Capital Pride celebration, a U.S. Armed Forces color guard from the U.S. Area Military District of Washington marched near the very front […]

Capitol Pride 2014

Last week was my 30th annual Capitol Pride event.  Every year for 30 years I have faithfully attended both the parade and the festival.  Over the years I’ve watched the […]