March 2015

For Christmas I got one of those Ancestry kits where you send in a tube of spit and they tell you who you are and where you came from.  Following […]

Mother Nature can be cruel at times.  Yesterday while walking the dog I noticed bulbs are all coming up.  Tulips are about six inches high, lilies are growing, crocus are […]

Walls can protect us.  The famed city of Troy had walls that safeguarded the residents for generations.  But walls can also divide us.  When the Soviets erected the Berlin Wall […]

BY MATTHEW ARNOLD Light flows our war of mocking words, and yet, Behold, with tears mine eyes are wet! I feel a nameless sadness o’er me roll. Yes, yes, we […]

My Brother – The pain you must have been in, the ghosts that must have haunted you, the demons that must have chased you.  I’ll never know what you went […]

The NYC LGBT Expo in New York was a huge success in my view.  We had a prime space booth and got a lot of traffic.  Sales were stronger than […]

Another Winter Storm

Typically I don’t mind winter, but this latest snow storm, despite giving me two days off from work because everything was shut down, pissed me off big time because it […]

Lovely Stage Decoration

While there were more drag queens on stage than I have seen in a very long time, there were occasional distractions of a different sort, including this lovely youngster.  There […]

New York City

Beautiful sunset out of my hotel room window in mid-town Manhattan. Bitterly cold here, but the sun was so beautiful.