August 2016

Julio Rivera

May 8, 1961 – July 3, 1990 At about 3:00 AM on July 3, 1990, Daniel Doyle, Erik Brown, and Esat Bici trapped, beat and stabbed Julio Rivera simply because he […]


My sister introduced me to the incredible beauty of waterfalls, and of photographing them. She also showed me that there is more to waterfalls than just the big majestic ones […]

Oscar Ambiorix Aracena Montero

May 12, 1990 – June 12, 2016 Oscar Ambiorix Aracena, 26, of Kissimmee, passed away on June 12, 2016 in Orlando. He was born on May 12, 1990 in Santo […]

Every Four Year Eye Candy

Every four years the Olympics gives us a hefty dose of beautiful male eye candy.  The newest one for me this year is Gabriele Detti, an Italian Olympian.  He’s a […]

This week I learned that one of my publishers, Harmony Ink Press, has released the five books I have published with them in hardcover format.  Previously they had all been […]

My day job has the unique ability to suck the life right out of me. Day in and day out I drag myself out of bed and make my way […]

This last week has not been easy for me.  In fact, the last week has been one of the worst I’ve ever had to endure.  My week has been so […]

Martin Benitez Torres and his partner Michael Morales

1983* – June 12, 2016 (* – If anyone has a date of birth for Martin, please let me know) Martin Benitez Torres was born in Puerto Rico and went […]

Luis Daniel Conde

Dec. 8, 1978 – June 12, 2016 Luis Daniel Conde was born December 8, 1978 in Caguas, Puerto Rico and died at the Pulse Nightclub on June 12, 2016.  He […]

Juan Pablo Rivera Velazquez

Feb. 9, 1979 – June 12, 2016 Juan Rivera Velazquez and Luis Daniel Conde Juan Pablo Rivera Velazquez, 37, of Saint Cloud, FL, was murdered on June 12, 2016 along […]