Work vs Writing

This week I’ve wanted to write. In fact, after weeks and weeks of being a bit stumped about what to write, this week (and last week as well, for that matter) I’ve been inspired and been ready to write.  And even though I’ve been working long, hard hours in an unusually challenging environment, I’ve managed to write something on the order of 20,000 words as well.

But even more important, the writing I’ve done this week has been focused with laser-like precision on just two stories.  Usually I bounce around a bit, writing a bit here and there as the ideas come to me.  But this week I’ve been writing on two primary stories that are fully plotted out in my mind. One of them has been percolating through my mind for years now.

This week I’ve finally pulled the last missing element of that story together, so I decided to start writing. What had been just a rough outline is now more than 20,000 words and still going strong.  Each chapter is shaping up so well I want to write all of them NOW.

This one will not be a full-blown novel but should be a very strong novella.  I could probably stretch it to be a full book, but I don’t think I will.  This one will be stronger if shorter in my estimation. Now I just need to stop writing this and get back to writing that.

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