My Volleyball Hunks

Last summer I went down to a series of sand volleyball courts we have downtown to watch the guys play.  Some of them are just messing around, but some of them are really good players.  These are some of the players I’ve watched last summer (2011).  You will notice one guy who appears more than any other (with damned good cause!).  The first time I saw this guy playing volleyball I was absolutely in love.  He had a body that wouldn’t stop and he seemed to have no problem showing it off to anybody that wanted to look.  I spent nearly an hour photographing him as he played.  He played hard and well and it was a joy to watch him move.  He was tall, toned, tanned, and just looked so damned good. He flexed good things in good ways simply standing still.  Yum.


I have a few more of my guys on Page 2