A Few Books I Love

When I was a very young child, my father would buy me a book every day.  These were not books like War and Peace; they were much smaller books, but I was a much smaller person then, too.  The books cost a nickel each, and every night after dinner he would sit down and read that day’s book to me (they were small, short books that did not take much time to read, although I can’t remember what any of them were about now).  I remember the day he bought the last book in the huge series was a very sad day.  There were no more books to buy, at least in the one store in our small town.

So from an early age I have loved words.  I have adored words.  The way words can be woven together to make grander things has always amazed me.  Small, ordinary individual words can be taken, woven together with other ordinary words and can make something that will make people smile, cry, laugh, hate, and a thousand other emotions.  Words are power.  Words are the tool for telling who we are, who we dream about being.  And we are, at our core, story tellers.  For as long as there have been people.  Whether it was gathered around the fire at night after cooking and eating that day’s catch or whether it was a blog post on WordPress, we all have tales to tell. Come, take the journey with me.  Over the years I’ve found some books that I love.  Here are a few of what I’ve found.