I’ve made the trip across the Pacific to the great state of Hawaii at least six times, and aside from one trip where it rained (a lot) every day for two solid weeks, I’ve loved every single one of those trips.  Whether it has been for three weeks of relaxing in the sun, or exploring the back trails of the big island, or a weekend meeting on Maui, or just a couple of extra days tacked onto a meeting in California, every chance I’ve had I’ve jumped at the opportunity to spend a little more time in Hawaii.

Maui is probably my favorite island, although I have seen some unbelievable changes in that island in the two decades I’ve been going there.  When I made my first trip to Maui in 1990, the airport was a little one room operation with only two walls.  Planes, when they arrived, simply parked and you walked down the steps and across the tarmac into the airport.  Now, the airport is Maui is monstrous with dozens of gates and thousands of passengers coming and going every day.  If is efficient now, but I still miss the old Maui.