DSP Author’s Workshop 2012

In March, I had the high honor of attending the first Dreamspinner Press Author’s Workshop and what a phenomenal event it was.  I cannot begin to tell you how valuable it was to me to meet some of the other folks who write for Dreamspinner.  In addition, the opportunity to meet, talk with, interact with, bounce ideas off the wonderful Dreamspinner Press staff was priceless.  What an incredible group of people.  When it was time to go home, I didn’t want any of us to leave.

There are a lot of groups out there that call themselves “publishers” but they could all take a few lessons from Dreamspinner Press.  Dreamspinner has an exhaustive process to prepare a manuscript for publication.  Before it ever gets close to publication, each and every manuscript is reviewed by any number of sets of eyes.  Several editors, several rounds of author edits, several proofreaders, plus all of the production folks involved.

The folks at Dreamspinner have unbelievably high standards and strive to always meet or exceed those benchmarks.  It always gives me a thrill to buy a Dreamspinner book, go back and find something that I pointed out way earlier in the process, open the book and see that they actually made the changes I recommended.