YA Book 2

This book picks up the story of Mark and Bill where Book 1 left off.  It was a toss-up as to who was more outraged when they learned that Bill had never had a birthday party, a birthday present, or event a birthday cake – Mark or his mother.  Both were irate at the injustice and determined immediately to right that wrong by throwing a surprise party to celebrate what they called “Bill’s first birthday”. And it would be fair to say that the man was surprised.

Since Mark had surprised Bill, it only seemed fair that Bill should surprise Mark.  How did Bill do it?  He invited Mark to be his date to the Senior Prom. People had gossiped about Mark being gay, but Mark was most concerned about what coming out in such a dramatic fashion would do to Bill’s popularity – he was, after all, a jock.  Mark was a nerd who liked math, but he had tried very hard to safeguard his boyfriend’s reputation.  This single move could blow that completely out of the water.

When the guys get past those two huge events, they prepare to head westward to start the next phase of their lives – a couple, college students, and independent young men.  What adventures await them on their trek?  What pitfalls will they encounter?  Will their young relationship survive some of the stresses that come their way? Read Book 2 and find out.

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