Little Squirrels Can Climb Tall Trees

This book was a labor of love. Much to my delight (and I’ll admit it, surprise), Dreamspinner Press liked what I had written and wanted to publish this, my first book. I sent my manuscript to Dreamspinner in late 2011.  In January 2012 they sent me a contract – my first!

The book has been through multiple edits as well as the usual work on cover design, back cover text, advertising blurbs, and the works.  I am excited beyond belief and hope that this book is of interest to someone.  The book was official released on July 27th and shot up to the top of the bestseller lists on Dreamspinner, RainbowEbooks, and on three different Amazon lists.  I am so delighted that the book has sold super well. Going into this I had been concerned about selling enough copies to pay back the royalty advance I got.  Well, it now looks like I paid that back within the first week of publication.

You may purchase this book in either electronic or print format from Dreamspinner Press or from Amazon.