DSP Author’s Workshop 2013

Building on the success of the first workshop held in March 2012 in New York City, the wonderful staff of Dreamspinner scheduled a repeat opportunity for Dreamspinner authors to get together for three days of learning and bonding and having fun. Scheduled for April 18 through 21 in Chicago, I was so excited.  But, Mother Nature intervened in an especially vicious manner.

The day I was to fly to Chicago was an especially rough day weather-wise.  Most of the Midwest got hammered by some especially rough storms, so when I was ready to fly to Chicago I discovered that my flight to Chicago was cancelled.  They bumped me to the next flight, but then that one was cancelled as well.

Things were not looking good after that since there were multiple full flights of people all wanting to go, and not nearly enough seats to get us all there.  United Airlines was finally able to get me onto a flight.  Are you ready for this?  The day after the workshop ended.  Now, wasn’t that helpful?

But I wasn’t about to give up.  The event in 2012 in New York was so awesome and had such a sense of community that I desperately wanted to get to Chicago.  I was tempted to drive, except for one problem:  I hate driving long distances, and the drive from Washington to Chicago is most definitely a long distance.

I managed to find a seat on Southwest to get to Chicago.  It left Washington at six am and got me to Chicago at seven am.  The only problem was that it left from an airport nowhere near where I live. So my loving spouse got up at four in the morning (something he doesn’t ever do willingly – who would?) and drove me to the airport.

When I saw the line of people to go through security I could not believe how many people were flying so early in the day.  I would never have guessed that at five am there would be several hundred people in line waiting to get through the security checkpoint.  In retrospect, I guess it was because so many flights had been cancelled the day before and a lot of folks were in the same position I was in.

But I made it through and barely caught my flight. I got into Chicago, found a Starbucks, and was in the meeting room before anyone else. At least I knew I’d have a seat!  That night I was beyond tired, but it was worth it.  The experience was wonderful.  Dreamspinner staff and authors are some of the best people in the world and I’m beyond delighted to be part of the group.