When Dachshunds Ruled the Serengeti




When Dachshunds Ruled the Serengeti_comp6

Phillip and José, newly minted Ivy League roommates, couldn’t be more different. Phillip is an only child from a wealthy New York City family. José is one of nine children of Mexican migrant workers. He has only known rural life in the Southern US—though he was born in California, his family moved from state to state, following the crops across the country.

Phillip comes to school with every electronic gadget known to man. José arrives with the clothes on his back, a paperback he pulled from the trash on his way to school, and a notebook and pencil. They both need to adapt to their new environment and quickly become fond of each other despite their differences.

Just when they might finally be sorting things out, individually as well as together, their world turns upside down. Now they are charged with caring for José’s eight siblings. To Phillip, sharing José is not easy. To José, the responsibility of caring for his siblings is his most important responsibility, even more so than his education. If their young relationship is to survive, they have to bridge the gap between two very different worlds.