Walls That Divide

Walls That Divide
Walls That Divide book cover

Isn’t it beautiful?  To publish a book is an amazing experience.  But to publish a book with cover art by none other than Michael Breyette is absolutely freaking awesome.  The second round of edits came back to me yesterday and that’s what I’ll be working on this weekend.

Walls That Divide is a love story, but with a twist.  When Darrin meets Luis, its clear that Luis gets his blood boiling.  But neither of them wants to rush into something too quickly so they take their time to get to know one another.

But there is an unexpected complication:  at one time Darrin dated Melissa, but it had been an utter failure.  When Darrin and Melissa had tried to have sex, Darrin could no longer ignore the fact that he was gay and sex with a woman just wouldn’t do it for him. He ended his failed relationship with Melissa, but she never gave up hope since he was her ticket to the good life.

When Luis arrived on the scene and was a clear threat to her plans to marry Darrin, she starts a long series of efforts to sabotage Luis and any hope of Luis and Darrin having any sort of a relationship.  But the only thing is that all of her efforts only serve to push Darrin and Luis closer together.

As she watches her efforts failing and all of her dreams disintegrating before her eyes, she ups the ante big time, and its Luis who pays the price.